Month: February 2020

Phone survey shows strong support for a community network

The recently completed survey of Falmouth residents shows strong support for a community based network. In professional study conducted by CCG Consultants, 70% said they wanted better Internet service and 92% wanted competitive options. The survey was the first part of a broader feasibility study which will now enter a second phase to examine construction…
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Time to Act!

(The following is a letter to the editor published in the Falmouth Enterprise on Feb. 14) The Falmouth community could enter an internet competition, and the results of a new survey indicate that residents are ready to embrace it. The survey of Falmouth residents randomly selected from voter rolls was conducted by Doug Dawson of…
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Survey Shows Community Fiber Optic Network Fits Falmouth

By BRAD COLE Feb 14, 2020 A survey of 378 Falmouth residents suggests Falmouth is well-suited for an alternative broadband provider, such as one through a community fiber optic network. That was the message from preliminary results of a feasibility study of a community high speed network that CCG Consultants is conducting. The Economic Development…
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Falmouth group seeks to launch locally run, fiber-optic network

By Jessica Hill / Posted Feb 12, 2020 at 7:08 PM Updated Feb 13, 2020 at 6:29 AM FALMOUTH — In a survey of 378 Falmouth residents, 70% said they want better internet service, and 92% said they want more options for their service. The feasibility survey, conducted by Doug Dawson of CCG Consulting, revealed that many residents are unhappy with their current internet…
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A new competitive network option for Falmouth Businesses

OpenCape is now offering network services designed for small businesses. In coordination with the Falmouth EDIC and the Chamber of Commerce, OpenCape has designed a new Gigabit, fiber optic based, low cost offering for Main St businesses and beyond as described in Falmouth Enterprise.