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"When it comes to commuting or working from home, the proximity of our technological location is even more remote than our actual one"
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Dan Gessen
Board Member
"Fiber won't congest, it won't glitch, and it's upgradeable to handle the next several decades of Internet traffic growth, including applications we can't even imagine yet"
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David Isenberg
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The Idea

Falmouth needs better internet service and FalmouthNet seeks to address that need by advocating for a fiber optic network. The current internet access in town is slow, unreliable, and expensive. There is a simple and powerful solution: building a fiber optic network. While this can seem like an enormous project, Falmouth is well situated to succeed. There is already a fiberoptic backbone in Falmouth. OpenCape, a nonprofit, acts as a “middle mile,” serving the schools, Town Hall, and some businesses. The foundation is there and ready to be built on, we need only expand from it.

Fast, reliable, and affordable internet access is no longer just “nice to have.” It is fast becoming a necessity of modern life. From telemedicine to remote learning, working from home to watching the game, smart homes to video calling with family, we are increasingly reliant on the internet. Like schools and libraries, it should be accessible to all. Help us make an investment in our future, and our town’s future, by building a network that will serve the community.

FalmouthNet is working on two fronts. We are educating our community about the benefits of a fiber network. This includes giving talks, sharing learning resources, and being accessible to hear your ideas and concerns. We are also facilitating the creation of the physical network. This includes advocating for the network to the town and broader government, working with our partners, the Falmouth Economic Development and Industrial Corporation (EDIC) and OpenCape, and researching the different paths we could take to complete the network.


This project has been a long time coming. As you can see from this history, the technology currently serving our community is woefully in need of an upgrade. The technology that operates our current internet service options are clumsy retrofits of technology that was designed to do other things. It is time for us to reinvest in our internet infrastructure.

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