Digital access remains a problem

MORE THAN 1 MILLION people in Massachusetts don’t have a fixed broadband internet connection. More than 600,000 don’t have a desktop, laptop, or any computer at home. And many lack the skills and support…
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Municipal Fiber Grant Program

This competitive grant program will assist municipalities across the Commonwealth with the construction/completion of a municipal fiber network. The Municipal Fiber Grant program is a competitive grant program that will…
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Falmouth moves forward with plans for a municipal internet utility; some advise caution

FALMOUTH — Marilois Snowman initially founded her company, Mediastruction, in Falmouth a decade ago. However, she quickly realized the internet in town was not able to handle her workload as a digital…
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FalmouthNet Set to Move Forward with Fiber Optic Network Design

FalmouthNet Set to Move Forward with Fiber Optic Network Design. Read more here >

$100K For FalmouthNet Included In MA Economic Development Bill

Funding will allow FalmouthNet to hire professional support and cover research expenses before they begin construction. Read more here >

Engineering Project To Assess Fiber-Optic Internet for Falmouth

FALMOUTH – A new contract between FalmouthNet, Inc. and Tilson will generate an engineering design for town-wide fiber optic internet access for all Falmouth residents and businesses.  The design work…
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FalmouthNet and Tilson sign agreement for engineering project to design town-wide fiber optic Internet access network.

Falmouth, Massachusetts, November 15, 2021 — FalmouthNet, Inc. and Tilson today announced the signing of a contract under which Tilson would generate an engineering design for the state-of-the-art fiber optic…
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Monopoly power in the local broadband market leaves Cape Codders disconnected

It was never more apparent that high-speed internet access is an essential public infrastructure than throughout the COVID-19 pandemic when much of our civic, economic, and personal lives shifted online. …
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Senate Passes Infrastructure Bill That Makes Broadband More Affordable

The U.S. Senate passed the infrastructure bill which makes broadband more affordable for millions of Americans. Here’s what else is in the bill. Read the article here

Report Finds Big Telecom Spends $320,000 on Lobbying Every Day

A new study argues crappy U.S. broadband is an active policy choice—and a direct result of pathetically weak U.S. lobbying and corporate finance laws. Over the last few years big…
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