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Q & A from the Mitchell interview

We received a number of questions after this interview and answer them here. Please leave us comments if you have additional questions.

9 Bids received

We have received nine bids to our Request for Proposals for a company to do a feasibility study for the community network. This is a very good response and shows…
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Bidders for feasibility study sought

The small group that is making a case for creating a municipal high-speed fiber optic network argues that it will be faster, cheaper and more reliable than currently available options…
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Falmouth’s efforts noted on Community Networks website

The leading national organization that discusses independent community networking projects,, has just published an article entitled Support Growing for Muni Initiative in Falmouth.

A Bold Endeavor

An editorial in the June 14 Falmouth Enterprise The vote by the EDIC to commit $50,000 to a feasibility study of bringing municipal broadband to Falmouth was a bold move.…
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EDIC funds feasibility study

Members of Falmouth Economic Development and Industrial Corporation (EDIC) has voted to commit funds to further explore the idea of creating a community-based fiber optic network. The board unanimously approved…
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First community meeting

Over 100 people attended the first meeting to explore the idea of a community network for Falmouth. The meeting was held on June 4 at the Falmouth Public Library. Full…
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The Enterprise highlights the June 4 meeting

The Falmouth Enterprise gave our first meeting front page coverage.

An Interview with a Community Networks Expert

Courtney Bird and Peter Cook interview Christopher Mitchell, the Director of the Community Broadband Network Initiative at Institute of Local Self Reliance about efforts such as ours. Christopher’s work focuses…
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