Request for Proposals

Here is a list of RFP’s for FalmouthNet, Inc.

ProjectStatusOpen DateClosing Date
Engineering Design for a Community Network for the Town of Falmouth, Massachusetts.Closed8/16/20219/9/21

Falmouth Engineering Design RFP Submitted Questions and Answers

1. The due date is actually a Federal holiday. Would it be possible to move the due date back a day to help eliminate any proposal delivery issues?

The due date is postponed by one to September 7. 2021 at 5:00 PM.  All other dates remain the same at this time.

2. Is the firm that completed the Feasibility Study eligible to submit a proposal for this project?

Yes, however, it is not expected that this firm will bid.

3. Per the RFP, the services to be offered will be a minimum of 1gbps symmetrical to the end user.   Is FalmouthNet planning to compare an Active E architecture with this minimum offering, and the same minimum offering on a GPON architecture?

The RFP asks the selected bidder to consider both GPON and Active Ethernet architectures as part of their work as noted in the final bullet of Section 4.    For GPON architecture, all customers must be able to subscribe to at least 1 Gbps download and upload speeds.   In either architecture there should be the possibility of offering both slower and faster speeds to subscribers.

4. Is FalmouthNet considering leasing backbone/core bandwidth or dark fiber strands from OpenCape to alleviate backbone CapX construction costs?

As stated in the RFP, OpenCape is considered to be a potential partner to FalmouthNet.  There are, however, no agreements in place between the two organizations.   As part of the engineering design it is expected that the selected bidder will consider the use of the OpenCape infrastructure and discuss the implications on both CapX and OpX costs.

5. The RFP mentions a pole survey being part of the scope of work but later in the RFP it is stated that perhaps only 3-days on-site may be needed. Obviously a pole survey covering 460 miles of road should take longer on-site to get all the GPS locations, attachment info, pole identifier info etc. Should an in person on-site utility pole survey be quoted as a separate item? Will desktop estimates of pole quantities and locations be acceptable?


The Scope of Work indicates an expectation that most of this project will be done as a “desktop exercise”.  However, the Scope of Work is requesting a high level of detail such as surveying utility poles, evaluating aerial vs. buried construction along the routes, and the creation of a BOM.  These types of items typically require fielding of the complete serving area.  Please provide additional background on the level of detail that is being requested as part of this project. 

The RFP is seeking a level of engineering design and cost estimates that will allow FalmouthNet to confidently seek project funding from a variety of sources including town bonds, state/ federal grants and private investors.   This is something short of a full engineering design based upon a pole by pole survey and underground path mapping.   The streets of Falmouth are well covered by Google Street View and this should be adequate to perform most of the work we are requesting.   We can also provide full plot plans and street address lists.   We are specifying three days of on-location work so enable spot verification of the digital information available and to inspect potentially difficult areas such as small bridge crossings.  The RFP asks that you include the three days of on-site verification in your proposal and separately a per day rate for additional work.   It is strongly suggested that your response include a narrative on how you plan to do the work for Falmouth and how it matches with similar projects.   You are free to propose alternative methods that you have used to prepare a comparable level of engineering design for us to consider.

6. Is the intent of the RFP to solicit estimated costs of the licensing processes and Make Ready costs expected from the Pole Owners? (Carrier/Utility)

Not in detail.   It is expected that an estimated pole count will be provided and used to calculate expected make ready costs and well cost of attachment hardware.   A detailed pole by pole catalog and survey is beyond the scope of this RFP. FalmouthNet is looking for you to use your expertise to develop a good design and cost estimates.  We will use the examples of experience on similar projects and references to evaluate your ability to do this.

7. Are the potential hut locations in the Feasibility study valid and usable locations? (Some are churches, or other entities that do not appear to be related to town owned properties)

We are assuming all town real estate would be available for use as potential hut/cabinet points. Is this a valid assumption?

The hut locations shown in the Feasibility Study were for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered final. The work done in response to this RFP Is expected to refine both number and location of the huts.   FalmouthNet cannot make any commitments as to the availability of any real estate location, but it is expected that the Town of Falmouth as well as other entities will be cooperative.

8. Is it possible to get a sample COI of what FalmouthNet requires?

FalmouthNet is simply requiring a copy of your certificate(s) of liability insurance showing your coverages (with minimums as specified in the RFP) and expiration dates.  It is difficult to provide a sample without revealing information about the insured company.