Falmouth Public Library, Fiber Optic Network Review: Press Release

Falmouth Public Library, Fiber Optic Network Review: Press Release

Fiber Optic Network Review at Falmouth Public Library

Falmouth, Massachusetts, Wednesday, March 31, 2021
For Immediate Release

A feasibility study of a fiber optic community network for Falmouth will be reviewed by its author, telecommunications expert Doug Dawson, at a Zoom meeting organized by Falmouth Public Library on April 7, 2021 at 7:00 PM EDT.

The public is welcome to attend. Registration is required. Registration link:

Doug Dawson’s company CCG Consulting was chosen to do a Feasibility Study for a Community Network by Falmouth’s Economic Development and Industrial Council (EDIC) in partnership with a committee of Falmouth citizens who subsequently organized as FalmouthNet, Inc., in the fall of 2019. The study was administered by EDIC. It was completed on November 16, 2020. The text of the study is here https://tinyurl.com/falmouthnetstudy.

The study concluded that a community-based fiber optic network is feasible for Falmouth. The fiber optic network would make Falmouth one of the most advanced Internet access communities in the world. The study explored the condition of Falmouth’s existing Internet services. It surveyed public perception of existing Internet service prices and performance. It estimated that up to 61% of Falmouth’s homes and business would sign up for a community based Internet alternative in the first five years. 

The study presented a high-level network design that would eliminate slowdowns and interruptions and would accommodate future growth. The study estimated it would cost about $55 million to be capable of serving all the homes and businesses in Falmouth. It discussed a range of strategies for planning, financing, constructing and operating the proposed network, and indicated several paths to success.

This will be the first Falmouth review of the study by its author. Doug Dawson will summarize his findings and will be available for a Q and A session. FalmouthNet Board member Daniel Gessen will kick off the meeting with an overview of FalmouthNet. FalmouthNet Board member David Isenberg will moderate the meeting. Other members of FalmouthNet will also be available to address public comments and questions.

Two previous meetings on FalmouthNet at Falmouth Public Library, in June and November of 2019 drew large crowds and featured lively supportive discussion. The Library’s Zoom facility is licensed for 300 people.

About FalmouthNet, Inc.: FalmouthNet is a Massachusetts Non-Profit Corporation with 501(c)(3) status that is dedicated to guiding the planning, construction and operation of a community-based fiber optic network for the benefit of the people of Falmouth, Massachusetts. There’s more on FalmouthNet on the Web at http://falmouthnet.org, on Facebook at Falmouth Community Network and on Twitter on @FalmouthNet.

About Doug Dawson and CCG Consulting
Doug Dawson and his firm, CCG Consulting, recently marked their 20th year working in the telecommunications industry. Prior to establishing the firm, Doug already had significant experience in the field, having worked in the industry since 1978. Doug belongs to a small cadre of professionals who have the technical expertise and policy knowledge to set them apart. More at http://ccgcomm.com

About Falmouth Economic Development & Industrial Corporation
EDIC is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization responsible for creating jobs and developing increased economic opportunities in the Town of Falmouth. The objective of the Falmouth EDIC is to increase business and industrial investment; expand opportunities to own, manage, and operate business enterprises; provide funding assistance; and increase job opportunities in the Town of Falmouth. The Falmouth EDIC’s mission is to attract, advocate and support economic vitality and seek to constantly improve the business climate in Falmouth. More at http://falmouthedic.org

About fiber optic networks: Fiber optic networks carry information on pulses of light. In contrast to telephone and cable TV based networks, which are retro-fitted to carry Internet traffic, fiber optic networks are engineered from the ground up for digital communications. They’re simpler, faster and more reliable. They’re future-proof, which means that they are almost infinitely upgradeable to handle future traffic increases. Their operational costs and their long-run costs are low. The presence of a fiber optic network boosts real estate prices and produces new economic activity.

Press Contacts:
Courtney Bird, President, FalmouthNet, Inc. 508-457-8802 courtney.Bird@verizon.net

Doug Dawson, President, CCG Consulting. 202-255-7689 blackbean2@ccgcomm.com

Mike DiGiano, Executive Director, EDIC. 617-592-1472, MDiGiano@falmouthedic.org

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