Network Study Available!

Network Study Available!

The network feasibility study commissioned by the EDIC and performed by CCG has been finalized. It concludes that it is feasible to build and operate a community-based network in Falmouth. Quoting from the Summary of Findings:

CCG found that broadband customers in Falmouth experience inconsistent speeds and frequent outages and that as many as 61% of residents and many businesses would consider moving to a new broadband network. With that level of potential demand, CCG determined that it would be financially feasible to build and operate a new high-speed fiber optic network that would bring gigabit broadband capability to every home and business in Falmouth.

This new fiber network would eliminate the slowdowns and interruptions in internet service that many homes experienced during the pandemic. It will also have the capacity to accommodate future growth for broadband services as more people work from home on the Cape; as business demand for uploading data continues; and as health care providers, schools, and community institutions continue to provide more internet-based services in a post-pandemic world.

Some of the key next steps are to continue to grow public awareness, figure funding sources (public. private or some combination) and talk to potential build and operating partners.

A major step towards establishing a modern, community based network for Falmouth has been accomplished but we are only at the beginning.

The full report is available here. The report is lengthy and highly detailed, but has been written so that the major findings are presented in the first several pages.

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