About us

The Internet is as essential to our lives today as food, water, electricity and roads. Yet last summer Verizon’s Internet connections failed for five days in parts of Falmouth and there were stories of Comcast summer traffic overloads. A new, locally-controlled Internet access company would give Falmouth people a competitive choice.

Falmouth has the opportunity to create its own Internet access. Hundreds of localities around the United States, including several in Massachusetts, are planning, building and operating their own Internet access services. We believe it is time to start now!

Organized by group of concerned Falmouth residents:

  • Courtney Bird – retired teacher, builder & Cape Cod Marathon Director and Falmouth Conservation Commission member
  • Peter Cook – Information Systems Department Head, Falmouth Public Library
  • Art Gaylord – Co-founder and Chairman Emeritus, OpenCape, retired Information Technology Director, WHOI
  • Sam Houghton – Associate Producer for WCAI and journalist
  • David Isenberg – Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Bell (AT&T) Labs (retired) and former Senior Advisor to the FCC
  • Marilois Snowman – CEO and founder of Mediastruction

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