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FalmouthNet LLC is a 501(c)(3) organization. Creating a community broadband network for Falmouth Massachusetts.

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This month, some Comcast customers with Xfinity broadband service, began getting notices warning they’re reaching a new data threshold. And, starting in March, if they exceed that cap, they’d be charged extra. Watch video >

Hasan discusses Internet inequality in the U.S. and the reasons why millions of Americans cannot get online in 2019. Even though the Internet is considered a basic human right by the UN, many poor and rural communities across the country are still left with little to no access to broadband networks. Watch video >

With the increasing number of gigabit cities, a trend led by local governments, Google, and some cutting edge small ISPs, some are confused why a gigabit is important now when most applications do not need that much bandwidth to operate. Watch video >

Wondering why some communities have decided to build their own networks, sometimes in competition with massive cable and DSL companies? This video explains why – they want faster, less expensive connections that put community needs first. Watch video >

Located at the foot of Mount Hood in Oregon, Sandy’s municipally-owned full fiber network offers gig Internet service for under $60 to every resident in the city. City managers, frustrated that they couldn’t even get a DSL line in to city hall started off by building their own wireless and DSL network, beginning in 2001. In 2008 they began incorporating fiber. Today, 60% of the community has already subscribed to the Fiber-to-the-Home network, or is on a waiting list. Watch video >

Whenever communities decide to build their own broadband networks, they are met with accusations from massive incumbent telephone and cable companies saying that it is not fair for local governments to compete against the private sector. Watch video >

ILSR’s Community Broadband Networks director, Chris Mitchell describes why municipal networks are some of the wisest use of taxpayer dollars. Watch video >
Watch video >
Welcome to Pulse – a trusted utility connecting Loveland by offering affordable, reliable and fast internet and voice service through a 100% fiber-optic network. Built on a promise of local service, transparency in rates and speeds, and a promise of responsiveness second to none. This is Pulse. Watch video >
Introducing NextLight™, Longmont’s community-owned fiber-optic network provided by Longmont Power & Communications. Over 100 years ago we began providing power and light to our community as a municipal electric utility. Now we are providing light that can carry gigabits. Watch video >
Learn how OptiLink keeps Le-Glue connected to their customers and how living in the Southeast’s next Gig City helps their business thrive. Watch video >
CFU customers can upgrade to internet speeds that rank among the fastest in the world with 10 gig service now available. PCMag recently recognized Cedar Falls Utilities as the fastest internet service provider in the country. Watch video >
LUS FIber announcing next phase of life. Watch video >
Southwest Broadband has the internet speed you need for home, school and work. With our powerful fiber internet with speeds up to 1Gb you can stream, search and surf on multiple devices at once. Watch video >
A quick blurb about Greenlight Networks from their CEO, Mark Murphy. Watch video >
Jackson Energy Authority’s EPlus Broadband fiber optic network brings fast connectivity to Jackson, TN. Watch video >
Serving the Clarksville, TN community with Electricity, Fiber Fast Internet, Cable and Phone. Watch video >
A short history of the development of high speed internet in Reedsburg, WI by Reedsburg Utility Commission. Watch video >
4.5.2020. Cummington Connect- 3 weeks in- 74% of strand is up, next step is hanging fiber. Watch video >
Anacortes, Washington, is the first city in North American to deliver high-speed internet through its sprawling system of water pipes. Watch video >
There’s always some kind of grinch out to ruin Christmas. But Gig Girl at the wheel and MINET Man using the Power Of Light puts a short end to the villainy. Watch video >
A short video to inform our Morgan County members why it’s important for JWEMC to bring High-Speed internet to all of our members. Watch video >
Powered by Conway Corp. Watch video >